Advanced Engineering Mathematics







*      Review Ordinary differential equations

*      Fourier Series, Integral and Transforms

*      Formulation of physical problems

*      D’Alambert Solution of wave Equation

*      Characteristics of Partial Differential Equation

*      Solution of Partial Differential Equation

*      Separation of Variables

*      Non-homogeneous Equations

*      Solution by Fourier Transform

*      Complex Variables & Functions

*      Variational Calculus



Exercises and Quizzes: 10%

Mid-term Exam: 40%

Final Exam: 50%


Main References


*      Advanced Engineering Mathematics, E. Kreyszing, 1999.

*      Mathematical Analysis in Engineering, C.C. Mei, 1997.


Further References


*      Advanced Engineering Mathematics, C.R. Wylie & L.C. Barrett , 1995.

*      Mathematics Applied in Deterministic Problem of Natural Science, C.C. Lin & L.A.Segal, 1988.




Behzad Ataie-Ashtiani (Room 525)

Office hours: Mondays 10:30-12:0


Attendance Policy

Attendance is highly recommended.

A sign-in sheet may be distributed at some classes.

Attendance will be used as determining factor when your grade is on the borderline.






Links and Readings



*      Kabiri-Samani, A.R., Ataie-Ashtiani, B., Free Water Surface Oscillations in a Closed Rectangular Basin with Internal Barriers, Scientia Iranica. Vol. 15, No.3 , pp 315-323, 2008. [PDF]


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