Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering and Management program contains courses, seminars, and projects in different branches of this field. The program is designed to provide a deep knowledge for the students along with the required theoretical and practical background that they need for joining the market of civil engineering in this area. The program also prepares interested applicants for continuing their education at PhD level.

Graduate Seminar(Persian, English)
Water Resource Systems Analysis 1(Persian, English)
Water Resource Systems Analysis 2(Persian, English)
Water Resources Planning and Management (WRPM)(Persian, English)
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer(Persian, English)
Dynamic of Environmental Systems(Persian, English)
Water Wave Mechanics(Persian, English)
Applied Ground-Water Flow Modelling(Persian, English)
Ground-water contamination(Persian, English)
Hydrodynamics(Persian, English)
Numerical Methods in Water Engineering(Persian, English)
Air pollution and its control methods(Persian, English)
Aqueous Systems Analysis Laboratory(Persian, English)
Process principles in environmental engineering(Persian, English)
Advanced Hydrology(Persian, English)
Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Application in Civil Engineering and Laboratory(Persian, English)
Environmental Hydrodynamics(Persian, English)
Hydraulic System Design(Persian, English)
Design of natural systems for wastewater treatment(Persian, English)
Solid Waste Management(Persian, English)
Water and Wastewater Treatment(Persian, English)
Water Resources Quality Management(Persian, English)
Advanced Mathematics(Persian, English)
Stochastic Hydrology(Persian, English)

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