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Sharif Civil Magazine(Sharif Civil Scientific Association)

The beginning of the Sharif Civil Scientific Association activity dates back to 1369(1990), and in this respect, it is the oldest student organization that operates in various scientific and research fields. The association includes 1-3 editors at the top for the final decision making, and other members participating in different sections, which are as follows:

One of the main tasks of this association is to publish this professional, scientific magazine. Members of this section review and publish the scientific articles sent by students, professors, and engineers of different universities and institutions—all the reviewers composed entirely of faculty members of the Sharif School of Civil Engineering.

Another group of this organization is the scientific group and public relations of the association, the activities of which are mentioned as follows:

  1. Holding software training courses for various civil engineering majors for undergraduate and graduate students
  2. Holding workshops in various fields of civil engineering with the presence of industrial companies.
  3. Planning scientific visits to active engineering companies’ projects in the country.
  4. Contracting with active companies in the country to improve the relationship between industry and academia.
  5. Holding conferences to get students acquainted with the master's degree majors in civil engineering.

The third group of this organization is the extracurricular group, which organizes visiting camps, prepares the programs to be held, and provides a one-page publication on the university's daily issues and problems.

Sharif Civil Magazine Website:

Guild Council of the Civil Engineering Department

The Guild Council of the School of Civil Engineering is a sub-branch of the Sharif University of Technology Guild Council, raising students' demands and fulfilling them. The members of this council, who are elected annually by the faculty's general elections, are the linking bridge between the students and the university administrators. In addition to those mentioned above, the council also plans to do activities such as holding training courses. All students are free to raise any related problem with the council.

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