Office of Graduate affairs

Responsibilities and Contact Info.

The office is located on the third floor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Room 306. Staff: Ms. Maryam Rahimi

  • Schedule and hold introductory sessions for incoming undergraduate and graduate students to familiarize them with the professors of different research groups for graduate school
  •  Sending the electronic file of the dissertation of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students to the Graduate Admission Office of the University
  •  Assigning undergraduate students to professors for the supervision of their dissertations
  •  Issuance of defense license for master's students' dissertations
  •  Holding dissertation defense sessions for undergraduate and graduate students
  •  Holding interview sessions for applicants for doctoral courses at the department
  •  Issuing a license to participate in the general doctoral exam for students and holding the exam
  •  Holding proposal defense, pre-defense, and dissertations defense sessions of doctoral students
  •  Holding the meetings of the Graduate Admission Council to decide on educational affairs, preparing and sending the relevant reports to the chairpersons
  •  Pursuing the educational affairs of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students and deputy finance
  • Allocate study and research rooms to Ph.D. students and provide their required equipment





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