M.Sc. Courses

Grouped by Majors

Graduate Seminar(Persian, English)
Water Resource Systems Analysis 1(Persian, English)
Water Resource Systems Analysis 2(Persian, English)
Water Resources Planning and Management (WRPM)(Persian, English)
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer(Persian, English)
Dynamic of Environmental Systems(Persian, English)
Water Wave Mechanics(Persian, English)
Applied Ground-Water Flow Modelling(Persian, English)
Ground-water contamination(Persian, English)
Hydrodynamics(Persian, English)
Numerical Methods in Water Engineering(Persian, English)
Air pollution and its control methods(Persian, English)
Aqueous Systems Analysis Laboratory(Persian, English)
Process principles in environmental engineering(Persian, English)
Advanced Hydrology(Persian, English)
Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Application in Civil Engineering and Laboratory(Persian, English)
Environmental Hydrodynamics(Persian, English)
Hydraulic System Design(Persian, English)
Design of natural systems for wastewater treatment(Persian, English)
Solid Waste Management(Persian, English)
Water and Wastewater Treatment(Persian, English)
Water Resources Quality Management(Persian, English)
Advanced Mathematics(Persian, English)
Stochastic Hydrology(Persian, English)

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering(Persian, English)
Earth and Rockfill Dams(Persian, English)
Ground Improvement(Persian, English)
Soil Dynamics(Persian, English)
Advanced Numerical Methods in Geomechanics(Persian, English)
Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering(Persian, English)
Advanced Engineering Geology(Persian, English)
Environmental Geotechnics(Persian, English)
Site Investigation and Field Monitoring(Persian, English)
Advanced Soil Mechanics (I)(Persian, English)
Advanced Soil Mechanics (II)(Persian, English)
Unsaturated Soil Mechanics(Persian, English)
Rock Mechanics(Persian, English)
Advanced Foundation Engineering(Persian, English)
Tunnel Engineering(Persian, English)

Transportation Operations Research(Persian,English)
Advanced Asphalt Materials(Persian,English)
Advanced Road Paving Design(Persian,English)
Road Geometry(Persian,English)
Traffic Flow Theory(Persian,English)
Simulation(Persian, English)
Transportation Demand Analysis(Persian,English)
Planning & Design of Airports(Persian, English)
Railroad Engineering & Design(Persian, English)
Transportation Planning(Persian,English)
Road Management and Maintenance(Persian,English)
Advanced Engineering Mathematics(Persian, English)
 Transportation Project Evaluation(Persian,English)
مهندسی ترافیک پشرفته((Persian,English)

Syllabus of courses with reference

Vibrations of Structures(Persian, English)
Principles of seismic design(Persian, English)
Theory of elasticity(Persian, English)
Nonlinear analysis of structures(Persian, English)
Structural Optimization(Persian, English)
Theory of plasticity(Persian, English)
Ductile Behaviour of Steel Structures(Persian, English)
Advanced Engineering Mathematics(Persian, English)
Seminar(Persian, English)
Design and analysis with fiber composite materials(Persian,English)
Finite Element(Persian, English)
Structural reliability and probabilistic modeling(Persian,English)
Structural Control(Persian, English)
Nonlinear Modeling of Structures and Materials(Persian, English)
Fracture mechanics(Persian, English)
Advanced Earthquake Engineering(Persian, English)

Syllabus of courses without reference

Random vibration of structural systems(Persian, English)
Analysis and Design of Concrete Dams(Persian, English)
Steel bridges(Persian, English)
Structural Analysis and Design of tall buildings(Persian, English)
High technology concrete(Persian,English)
Prestressed Concrete Structures(Persian, English)
Advanced concrete structures(Persian, English)
LRFD Design of Steel Structures(Persian, English)
Continuum mechanics(Persian, English)
Micromechanics of defects in solids(Persian, English)
Theory of plates and shells(Persian, English)

Course list of Construction Engineering and Management(Persian, English)

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