All the laboratories of the department, managed by Dr. Haeri are as follows:

Transportation Research Institute

Fundamental, practical and developmental studies and research in different times and places, related to transportation, including planning, design, maintenance, security, management and optimization of transportation facilities and systems.

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Infrastructure Sustainability and Resilience Research Center

Infrastructure Sustainability and Resilience Research Center has been established with the aim of bringing together interdisciplinary specialties to research and promote knowledge in the field of infrastructure resilience and resilience.

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Earthquake Engineering Research Center

This center is equipped with a vibrating table to simulate the earthquake and forces and then apply to the model or the real-dimension pieces of structures in order to study their behavior. 


 This center was established in 1386 (2007) in the SUT Civil Engineering Department. The center enables complex numerical calculations for students. It is located on the fourth floor of the building of the department. Parallel Processing Center page

UNESCO CHAIR IN WATER AND ENVIRONMENTal management for stable cities

Computer Center

Third floor of the Civil Engineering Department, Room 301

This center provides services related to computer systems belonging to the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, faculty, and staff. It has about 50 computers, two printers and two scanners for the undergraduate and graduate students. Maintenance of the systems and operations like installing software needed by students, faculty and staff, is done by the heads of the center.

Telephone 66164256 – 66164254
Head: Ms. Farzaneh Yekta, Mr. Barzin Mehr
Manager: Dr. Mahsuli


Second floor of the Civil Engineering Department, Room 204

The following tasks are performed in this center:

1- Printing and duplicating the professors' textbooks
2- Sending the textbooks to the printing house for printing
3- Repairing and servicing the Xerox photocopying devices
4- Presenting the textbooks, books and articles to the students

In charge: Mr. Ahmad Ghaneh
Telephone: 66164258

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