Frequently Asked Questions in Civil Engineering

Academic Leave and Cancellation

Answer: All students are allowed to take academic leave for two semesters during their studies, before the add-drop deadline each semester. After the deadline the application will be discussed in the educational council.
Answer: Yes, only one semester of academic leave due to childbirth for the female students was not part of their academic years.
Answer: Cancelling study without the university permission is considered as withdrawal from study and a student who withdraws from study has no right to continue his/her studies.
Answer: He/she must submit his/her cancellation request in person to the University Education Administration. The student is allowed to withdraw his/her cancellation request only once in one month from the date of the request. After a month, the cancellation request is issued and the student has no right to return to study.
Answer: The return of a student who has withdrawn from study is subject to passing the national exam in the field.

Course Credits and Durations

Answer: Regularly, a student can take a maximum of 20 credits each semester. If the student is conditioned due to a low GPA, he/she is allowed to take only 14 credits. If the total GPA of a student is above 17, he/she can take up to 24 credits.
Answer: The minimum number of credits is 12 credits. For students belonging to Martyrs and war-disabled is at least 10 credits.
Answer: If a student graduates with only one theoretical course, which he/she has already failed, he/she will be allowed to retake the course as an independent study course, when all his/her previous grades are announced.
Answer: The maximum is 6 credits or it is possible to take an internship with two credits of practical courses or three credits of theoretical courses at the same time.
Answer: The maximum number of years for a B.Sc. degree depends on the year of entry*. If the student could not successfully complete the course credits in the maximum period of study, he/she is dropped out from the university. * Entry before 1390: 6 years or 12 semesters * Entry in 1391, 1392: 5 years or 10 semesters * Entry after 1393: decision not taken yet.


Answer: Students who want to transfer to other universities or vice versa, can apply in the middle of each semester if the requirements are met.
Answer : In case of transfer, only the courses passed by the student whose grades are 12 or higher will be accepted (if the faculty or university agrees) which will be recorded as CR in the transcript.
Answer: Each student can apply to transfer only once during the study program.


Answer: Having a pre-university confirmation in the documents, and receiving the matching report of credits from the relevant faculty or group, reckoning all the items mentioned in the reckoning system, rendering the original student card, copy of identity card and national card, original debt settlement and its image and 2 ID Photos.
Answer: Students must complete 140 credits by the end of their undergraduate studies.
Answer: Up to 7 credits in excess of 140 is unrestricted (if the excess credits do not lead to additional years). If the student spends more than 7 credits in excess, he is obliged to pay the tuition.
Answer: In case of entering all the grades and completing the course credits, the student should get the transcript from the office of educational affairs and then get the credit matching booklet and the graduation qualification form from http// in the Forms section and study the graduation steps and then apply for graduation.
Answer: The graduation date at the end of the first/fall semester is 30/11 , and at the end of the second/spring semester is 31/4.
Answer: The average total score of a student at the end of a B.Sc. degree is at least 12.

Important points for current students

Answer: Yes, it is possible for current students only if they pay the cost of issuing the transcript.
Answer: In case of absence for the exam, the student is obliged to submit medical documents to the clinic on the same day for a medical removal.
Answer: Students can apply for a card by referring to the university admission office and paying the money.
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