Office of Educational affairs

Responsibilities and Contact Info.

This office is located on the third floor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Room No. 306. Staff: Ms. Shoushtari, Ms. Mehrabi 

Ms. Mehrabi's duties:

  1. Tasks about the professors’ tuition fees each semester (plus summer semester) and any related problem
  2.  Tasks related to comparative credits and graduation of students
  3. All issues related to educational assistants and their tuition fees in each semester
  4.  Tasks related to supervisors and necessary coordination
  5.  Summon students for educational issues and announcements
  6.  Follow up issues on grade reporting
  7. Issues related to the evaluation of professors/constructors in each semester
  8. Be informed about the educational regulations and follow up on exceptional cases
  9.  Cooperation with the admission of the department (academic dropout in each semester, internship, and following up the correspondence of the admission office)
  10.  Follow up on students' educational issues and guide them
  11.  Tasks related to accepted students (without exams) for the master program every year
  12. Create an archive for graduate students
  13. Send educational announcements and those requested by professors to inform undergraduate students.

Ms. Shushtari’s duties:

  1. Schedule courses, exams, and classes each semester for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, coordinate the relevant issues with the admission office, and the necessary follow-up with the relevant sectors.
  2. Coordinate with chairpersons to arrange undergraduate and graduate courses
  3. Enter all courses in the educational system each semester
  4. Review and follow up on the registration problems of students each semester
  5. Performing tasks related to the highest credits allowed for students each semester
  6. Performing tasks related to prerequisites and requirements of courses each semester
  7. Performing tasks related to the undergraduate project in each semester
  8. Follow up on students' educational issues and guide them
  9. Participate in the meetings of the Admission Faculty Council
  10. Preparation, arrangement, and delivery of information and statistics required by the Vice-Chancellor for the admission office
  11. Preparation of training performance report
  12. Be informed about the educational regulations and follow up on exceptional cases
  13. Creating educational documents for undergraduate students and archiving related documents

Note that when one of the staff is not present, the other expert performs their duties.





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