Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake Engineering program contains courses, seminars, and projects in different branches. The program is designed to provide a deep knowledge in Earthquake Engineering for the students. The program also provides the required background for interested applicants for continuing their education at PhD level.

Syllabus of courses with reference

Vibrations of Structures(Persian, English)
Principles of seismic design(Persian, English)
Theory of elasticity(Persian, English)
Nonlinear analysis of structures(Persian, English)
Structural Optimization(Persian, English)
Theory of plasticity(Persian, English)
Ductile Behaviour of Steel Structures(Persian, English)
Advanced Engineering Mathematics(Persian, English)
Seminar(Persian, English)
Design and analysis with fiber composite materials(Persian,English)
Finite Element(Persian, English)
Structural reliability and probabilistic modeling(Persian,English)
Structural Control(Persian, English)
Nonlinear Modeling of Structures and Materials(Persian, English)
Fracture mechanics(Persian, English)
Advanced Earthquake Engineering(Persian, English)

Syllabus of courses without reference

Random vibration of structural systems(Persian, English)
Analysis and Design of Concrete Dams(Persian, English)
Steel bridges(Persian, English)
Structural Analysis and Design of tall buildings(Persian, English)
High technology concrete(Persian,English)
Prestressed Concrete Structures(Persian, English)
Advanced concrete structures(Persian, English)
LRFD Design of Steel Structures(Persian, English)
Continuum mechanics(Persian, English)
Micromechanics of defects in solids(Persian, English)
Theory of plates and shells(Persian, English)

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