History and Current Situation of Civil Engineering Department

With over 40 years of experience, the School of Civil Engineering of the Sharif University of Technology, having proficient professors and staff and appropriate educational and research facilities, is one of the most prestigious civil engineering schools in the country. The graduates of this school have always been recognized as experts, and a university degree from this college prepares them to participate in domestic and international specialized forums more effectively. The high specialization of graduates has always made them play a significant role in promoting various civil industry sectors. The Civil Engineering department of the Sharif University of Technology, as a dynamic scientific center, has always tried to improve its qualitative-specialized level and, in this regard, welcomes scientific cooperation with other domestic and international scientific and industrial institutions.

The School of Civil Engineering of the Sharif University of Technology was established in 1351. For the first ten years, undergraduate and graduate programs were held with a greater emphasis on structural engineering. But since 1361, the research programs in other fields of civil engineering has expanded. The department currently has a faculty of over 50 members, 600 graduate students, and 500 undergraduate students. The research activities in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs here are in 8 fields: structural engineering, environmental and water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, road engineering, earthquake engineering, hydraulic structures, and construction engineering and management. It is worth noting that these programs are designed to cover recent scientific developments emphasizing developing countries' special needs, especially Iran.

The excellent reputation of the School of Civil Engineering of the Sharif University of Technology, which has been achieved due to faculty and students' compassionate efforts, extracurricular activities, and continuous communication with industry and international scientific centers, is a source of pride for faculty members and students..


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